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Today's entry is penned by an NTU student and was taken from the NTU Confessions' Facebook page:

I'm a final year student who has secured a job in a reputable firm before my graduation.

My boyfriend is one semester away from graduation but he isn't able to secure an internship for the summer in the firms that he really wants to work for, and he believes that means he won't be able to secure a job after graduation. He thinks his lousy grades are to blame.

He comes from a family which has enough funds to pay for his education and more, but his parents refuse to, in order to teach their kids the value of money.

He has been working part time and full time internships in reputable companies since year 1, after his National Service (NS), in order to pay for his school fees and other living expenses and ultimately pay off his student loans.

He has a disorder that is very expensive to treat in Singapore that causes him to have pain while going through his day to day activities. It becomes better sometimes but never fails to return to trouble him.

He has a bitterness towards life because of this and the way his family treats him. No support, love, affection or encouragement. It's almost like he is an orphan. I've been with him for over a year and I can see what he is going through.

Recently, he went to the NTU career counsellor to ask them what employers actually look for in a resume so he can understand and act accordingly.

It was almost disgusting what he told me thereafter about his meeting with the counsellor. He said the counsellor took one look at his transcript and had a frustrated look on her face and told him he's not good enough to get into big firms.

She didn't bother looking at all his internships and CCA after that and just told him briefly to change some words in the resume and that's it. No constructive advice whatsoever. He was even more demoralised then before.

As a girlfriend of someone going through so much crap and still finding the will to pull through day after day I have something to say to that NTU counsellor's attitude towards students not able to perform well academically.

You don't know the whole story but yet you can judge students and tell them what they can and cannot do. You are called a counsellor for a reason and empathy is the least that we students can expect from you'll.

Lastly, employers, please tell us what you are looking at in the resume and honestly, does a number on the transcript tell you everything you need to know about a person?

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