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The new MSc in Management of Health Industries by ESSEC Business School, Asia-Pacific provides insights into healthcare management from the European experience, integrating regional best practices in Asia.


HK elementary pupils need only a couple of seconds to answer this "difficult" question

Take a minute (or 20 seconds, as the question suggests) to figure out the answer to this Hong Kong elementary school question.

These funny texts between kids and parents will have you in stitches

Although being a parent doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t be tech savvy, it does usually mean being out of touch with your kid’s "culture".

P1 registration: 5 things to know about the popular parent volunteer scheme

At least five popular primary schools have scrapped the parent volunteer scheme which gives parents priority when registering their children for Primary 1.

She juggles modelling and exams without complaint

Fiona Fussi, winner of Elite Model Look Singapore 2011, has come a long way in the last three years.

China's prettiest university student is now an intern at Microsoft

Internet celebrity Zhang Zetian, known online as 'Milk Tea Sister', has been hired by by Microsoft as its intern product manager.