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Dad's death spurs him on to work hard

He loves everything, from flying planes to running an airline company, but three months before his O levels in 2010, Mr Muhammad Faias received news while at Changi Airport that his father had died on a flight back from India. -TNP

He wants to help diabetics walk better

Tay Jing Han, 18, dreams of becoming an entrepreneur making sports shoes for sufferers like him. -ST

NTU's carnival-concert-run extravaganza a hit, says organisers

Thiss is such a wonderful initiative and the students have aptly themed it 'Seeing Beyond Yourself'.-TNP

Making vocational ladder on par with the academic

The Prime Minister's National Day Rally speech on Sunday was not an annual report delivered by the chief executive officer of some commercial entity. -ST

No degrees, but they succeeded in their careers

She went from trainee to sommelier in five years before she took a degree partly paid for by her employer. -ST