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Cot bumper approach' to raising kids won't work

As a parent myself, and as an academic who champions greater parental involvement in children's media consumption, I am often dismayed at the lackadaisical approach that parents take in such matters. -ST

Belief that 'maths is for boys' = Top marks for all

Gender stereotypes can have good and bad effects on performance: Research. -ST

Pri 1 balloting at earlier phase for four schools

It's the first time since 1995, with new rule putting the squeeze on Phase 2A2.

Pupil injured by 'flying shoe'

 Municipal Council worker, father of M. Shar­mini, eight, is demanding an ex­­planation over an incident which left a gash on her chin that required three stitches. -The Star/ANN

Primary schools could hold ballot at earlier stage

Squeeze for places amid new rule to save spots for kids with no ties to school.